Q. How fast are Deliveries?

A. We have been recieving an increased amount of online orders as a result of COVID-19. Australia Post is also experiencing lengthy delays in delivering parcels and are not guaranteeing when parcels will be delivered. As such, your orders may take up to 2 weeks longer than normal for delivery.

We appreaciate your patience in this situation.


Q.What contact number can I call for inquiries?

A. Sales office on 03 9463 0600


Q.How does the shopping cart work?

A. Add any product to the basket by clicking on the basket button, product will then be placed into the basket. Continue on with your shopping and your product will be saved in the basket. When finished shopping click on the basket icon then click on proceed to cart. When at the cart page enter address for shipping. Once address is entered full cost of invoice will be shown with a break down of the charges. (Taxes, postage, processing fee, and the price of the products ordered). To proceed read the terms and conditions and check off the box that you have read and understood. Once this is done click proceed to payment, enter the card details in where needed (secure payment page from the Bank of Melbourne) press continue and transaction will be completed. A confirmation email will be sent that the transaction was successful. Products will then be processed and posted to destination entered with a courtesy email that the items have been sent.


Q. How will I know you received my order?

A. You will receive a complementary email


Q. Why is my order unfulfilled?

A. An unfulfilled order means that your order is processing and has not yet shipped. You'll recieve an email once your order has been shipped.


Q. What if the item I am wanting to purchase shown in stock but is actually out of stock?

A. This will only happen in rare cases which we will contact you and sort out a conclusion


Q. What if it appears I am missing items from my order?

A. Check the items recieved against the items on the invoice. Sometimes small items my be taped to larger items. Check packaging well as small items may also be buried under packing material. If items are still missing please call sales office immediately on 03 9463 0600 so we can work out what has happened.


Q. Warranty Information?

A. Call sales office to discuss Ph: 03 9463 0600


Q. How do I order replacement parts?

A. We offer standard replacement parts on many items, which will appear in the product catalogue. If you are looking for something but can not find it call the sales office and we may be able to order item in for you.


Q. What is your return policy?

A. If you receive defective or incorrect merchandise due to an error on our part please notify us with in two days of receiving goods and we will pay for the return and sending back shipping cost as well as replacement if necessary. other approved returns that are authorised by the Axess Glass sales department will be accepted up to 14 days after receipt of order but will be subject to a 15%restocking charge and will be required to pay for the return shipping. Axess will not generally approve returns of glass,books,patterns,lead,zinc came, chemicals, foils or any other item not in its original manufactures packaging. if you have any further enquiries please call sales team on 03 9463 0600 or email us on our contact page.


Q. How long will it take to process a return?

A. In most cases we do not offer the option to return goods unless goods are faulty or you have received incorrect goods. In Which case you will need to call the sales office on 03 9463 0600


Q. If necessary how will you refund my money?

A.Refunds will only be accepted if approved by the sales manager, In which case refunds will be made to the same form as the original payment for the purchase in question. (the same credit card used for the purchase will need to be the credit card which the refund will be returned to).


Q. How are items shipped?

A. We would normally send orders via Australian Post. For fast delivery we can send items via express post or via courier with an additional cost.


Q. What happens if my item appears damaged from shipping?

A. Call sales office immediately on 03 9463 0600


Q How can I place an order?

A.You can:

  • fax : 03 9464 1165,
  • Call: 03 9463 0600                       
  • Email: sales@axessglass.com
  • Facebook: inbox www.facebook.com/axessglass/
  • or via the online shopping cart. (Please note for any cut to size measurements will need to be in written form via fax, email or face book.)


Q.What are extra charges for?

A. If special packaging needs to be made for shipping e.g. crate to be made ect, express delivery, large items. Also, if there are any other circumstances on which we need to charge an extra fee. If there are any additional fees they will be shown on the check out page before payment  


Q. Is online shopping safe?

A. Axess Glass Products goes through the Bank of Melbourne which is a secures site where the have all protecting guards to insure your personal information is kept disclosed.


Q. Is there shipping insurance?

A. Axess Glass can add extra cover with a additional cost if requested.